The Presbyterian Church of the Roses has a TEAM approach to leadership in ministry with Pastors, Elders, and Deacons.

The Elders make up the governing board called the Session. They keep the organization, finances, and corporation of the church moving forward for a healthy future. The elders chair committees including: Buildings & Grounds, Finance, Membership, Fellowship, Christian Education, Church & World, Youth Council, Nominating, and Personnel. We also have a Clerk of Session and a Treasurer. The Pastor is the moderator of the Session. A Deacon representative attends the monthly session meetings.

The Deacons are the hands and heart of the church. Their ministry involves showing God’s love and caring for those within our church family and in our local community. We now have a new “church buddy” system that connects each Deacon with 10-12 church members as their church program resource and support system. Home communion and home visits are offered including the pastor. Hospital and nursing home visits are also provided if the patient lets the church know they are in one of the area hospitals or care facilities.